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Timmy Abell is a nationally recognized children’s recording and touring artist who has spent 30 years presenting concerts of music and storytelling for young people and families. He is a recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council’s Fellowship for Songwriting and has received the highest national awards for his recordings, including Parent’s Choice and NAPPA Gold and The American Library Association’s Notable Children’s Recording Awards. Timmy’s concerts feature music played on seven instruments (including hammered dulcimer, English concertina, guitar, banjo, bowed psaltery and penny whistle) and a repertoire of both traditional and original songs, instrumental compositions and stories. Timmy’s concerts have been presented by The Kennedy Center, The National Theater, The JFK Library, The Peace Center, Picolo Spoleto, Merlefest and in countless concert halls, theaters and schools in more than 20 states.


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Silver Trout Arts  


Timmy currently tours with his wife, Susana, singer and puppeteer, presenting concerts at theaters, festivals and schools throughout the Southeast and beyond...


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      Could Come True

      Could Come True

        Little Red Wagon

        Little Red Wagon

  The Farmer's Market

  The Farmer's Market

             Play All Day

             Play All Day

      I Know An Old Lady

      I Know An Old Lady

  Stories To Grow On

  Stories To Grow On

Press Release

NC Arts Council Fellowship Recipient, Timmy Abell Releases 6th Children's CD

From the President’s daughters to the farm kids of south Alabama, Timmy Abell has shared his brand of Americana Folk / Roots music with over a million kids and families.  This award winning songwriter lives, breathes, writes and plays with the same ingenuity, creativity and wonder that he brings to every audience, and every vintage van (he once converted a hammered dulcimer string into an accelerator cable for a VW camper while on his way to a gig)

A native of Asheville NC, Timmy has resonated with the roots of the Appalachian traditions since he was a boy. His banjo playing was deeply influenced by Clarence Ashley’s early 1960’s recordings of old-time music with Doc Watson.  In addition to his sometimes bright, sometimes mellow clawhammer banjo style (his banjo lullabies will put you to sleep), Timmy also plays guitar, hammered dulcimer and English concertina. 

"I always wanted to share that feeling that I had as a kid, listening to Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger, being carried off by the songs into that great big world out there. I'm pretty sure that kids don't listen to music to be told what to do or how to act any more than we do. We listen to hear the good story, and we wonder what it would be like if that story was our own. Everybody deserves real music, and I hope that we are moving in that direction."

True to that conviction, Timmy’s  6th CD "Could Come True" features some of the finest musician's that the region has to offer including local treasures and Eliot Wadopian, River Guerguerian, David Holt and Josh Goforth, as well as the remarkable Nashville session players Aubrey Hanie on fiddle and mandolin and David Huntsinger on piano and keyboard. Abell’s long-time friend and Grammy-Winning producer Steven Heller has once again demonstrated his skill and years of experience in the complex and multi-layered production of this music.

“Could Come True” celebrates the traditions of folk music while elevating the genre of children's music.  The songs offer up a cornucopia of characters that invite listeners to imagine…a daring performing flea, a drifter who makes friends wherever he goes, a daydreaming girl who wishes her way into reality.

While this new recording is rich with Timmy’s curiously inventive original lyrics, he has never let go of his dedication to the classic folk catalog. There is at least one traditional song on each of his recordings helping to preserve tunes like “The Blue Tail Fly” or “Turkey in the Straw” for future generations. “Could Come True” offers up a lively version of “Froggy Went A-Courtin”, originally about the queen of England, it’s believed to be over 400 hundred years old! 

The only moment of the album that could be deemed at all ‘instructional’ is an absolutely wonderful example of what Timmy does so well. As with all of his recordings, he ends with a lullaby.  In this case, a strikingly beautiful and gentle suggestion to let go of the things that do not serve us well, and to hold fast to that which brings us joy.  It is well worth a listen… truly words to live by, for everyone, to drift off to sleep by, no matter how old, or how young. 

This veteran performer smiles and shakes his head as he relates this story:

“Just before a recent concert a woman came into the room with her granddaughter waving an old cassette tape in the air, remember those? She said ‘My kids loved your music, and now my grandchildren. It was like the soundtrack to their childhoods!’

35 years of touring creates a legacy that spans generations, illuminating family memories, soothing the hurt and celebrating the joy. From lullabies to road songs, Timmy's music has been a touchstone for families across the mountains and beyond, offering engaging lyrics that never preach or talk down to young folks.

Radio One-Sheet "Could Come True"

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Radio Pitch

"Timmy Abell is an award-winning songwriter,  touring and recording artist who has been delighting audiences around the country for 35 years with his roots-flavored family music - guaranteed to never talk down to your kids.  Check out his new album, called "Could Come True" at and check his schedule at"

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Parents' Choice Foundation

Parents Choice


“An irresistible collection of gentle, playful, life-celebrating songs for listeners young and old from folk singer-musician Timmy Abell and a roster of stellar instrumentalists. Abell’s expressive, velvety light baritone, reminiscent of early Pete Seeger, sends his mostly original tunes straight to the heart and the funny bone of listeners."

Los Angeles Times



“With folk-style wit and charm recalling classic Pete Seeger, singer-musician Timmy Abell offers listeners a break from the everyday rushwith tender, funny and celebratory songs that resonate no matter what your age."  

Washington Post



“Old-timey-sounding, banjo-based folk songs that will keep the gears
between your ears turning."

USA Today


"...really, truly absolutely rich and rambunctious, well crafted [children's music] good, you won't want car trips to end."

Time Out New York Kids


“Considering the impressive array of honors that have been bestowed on Abell (Gold Awards from both the Parents' Choice Foundation and the National Parenting Publications Awards, among others) and the quality of his singing and songwriting, it's surprising that this kids' music veteran of 20 years isn't better known. Well, let's see if we can change that: The North Carolina native brings more of a folk music bent to his sound than many of today's performers, at times recalling Burl Ives and Pete Seeger in a way that manages to come off as vintage, but not necessarily old-fashioned. "



NAPPA ~  National Association of Parenting Publications

“Lovely inspirational songs that evoke a kinder, gentler time.” 

Midwest Book Review


“Timmy Abell is a seasoned, crowd pleasing performer who has
entertained children from some of the smallest schools of rural America
to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Now eleven of
his lively, "kid friendly" songs delivered with a true troubadour touch
has been compiled and showcased on a flawlessly recorded CD.”

School Library Journal


“ Abell’s silky baritone does justice to...the beautiful bluegrass, folk, and country-style songs featuring lovely instrumentation with banjo, guitar, hammered dulcimer, concertina, bass, keyboards, fiddle, mandolin, piano, tuba, percussion, washboard, harmonica, and bottle. Abell’s eight original compositions sound like traditional folk tunes."


"The Bottom Line: “This folksy, heart-warming, and playful family recording will both soothe children and elevate their spirits. Charming!” 

Silo Music


"Timmy Abell's music for children has been compared to that of Pete Seeger. He shares with this acclaimed performer of folk music for children such qualities as down-to-earth yet imagination-stretching lyrics, strong values, skilled acoustic musicianship, directness and respect for his young audience."

Chinaberry Book Services


"...the next step, when you've finally heard enough Raffi
to last several lifetimes."



The Short List

The Kennedy Center    Washington, DC
The National Theater    Washington, DC
The John F. Kennedy Library    Boston, MA
North Carolina Museum of Art    Raleigh, NC
Spirit Square Center for the Arts    Charlotte, NC
The Savannah Music Festival    Savannah, GA
Picolo Spoleto    Charleston, SC
The Peace Center    Greenville, SC
Merlefest    North Wilkesboro, NC
Virginia Highlands Festival    Abingdon, VA
Three Apples Storytelling Festival    Harvard, MA
Candlelight Concert Series    Columbia, MD
Manatee County Schools    Bradenton, FL
Jefferson County Schools    Louisville, KY
Richmond Arts Council (Special Audiences)    Richmond, VA
Massachusetts Public and Private Schools    Boston, MA
(70 school systems in eastern Mass )    70 towns
Westerly Center for the Arts    Westerly, Rl
The Big Gig    Richmond, VA
Banjo Champion, Asheville Folk Festival    Asheville, NC
Kanuga Conference Center    Hendersonville, NC
Fairfield Arts For Youth    Fairfield, CT
Connecticut Public and Private Schools    Coastal areas, CT
UNC Public Television (One - Hour Special)    Chapel Hill, NC
The Artscenter    Carrboro, NC
Brookgreen Gardens    Pawley's Island, SC
The Biltmore Estate    Asheville, NC
Saenger Theater / Gulf Coast Arts Council    Biloxi, MS
Super Saturday Festival    Tryon, NC
Cultural Council of Victoria    Victoria, TX
Richmond Children's Museum    Richmond, VA
Mobile and Baldwin County Schools    Mobile, AL
ASU Appalachian Summer Concert Series    Boone, NC
Alabama Tale-Tellin' Festival    Selma, AL
Volusia County Schools    Daytona Beach, FL
Centerfest Durham Street Festival    Durham, NC
Shakori Hills Festival    Pittsboro, NC
Me & Thee Coffeehouse Family Concert    Marblehead, MA
Eastern Shore Arts Center    Fairhope, AL
Dallas County Schools    Selma, AL
North Carolina Library Association    High Point, NC
Martha's Vineyard Union School District    Martha's Vineyard, MA
Newton Arts & Science Council    Newton, MA
Pinecone Traditional Music Series    Raleigh, NC
Huntsville City Schools    Huntsville AL
Charlotte Parks & Rec Department    Charlotte, NC
First Night Columbia    Columbia, SC
First Night Raleigh    Raleigh, NC
First Night Kingsport    Kingsport, TN
First Night Greenville    Greenville, SC
WUMB Boston & WMBR (MIT) Live Radio    Boston, MA
Thomasville Cultural Center    Thomasville, GA
Bele Chere and "Light Up Your Holidays"    Asheville, NC
Washington County Schools    Machias, ME
The Arts and Science Council    Charlotte, NC

The Long List

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