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Family Night Poster (Example only)

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Sample Press Release

(PRESENTER) will present a special Family Concert at (VENUE) featuring Music, Storytelling, Poetry and Puppetry with Susana and Timmy Abell of Silver Trout Arts on _________________, _________.   The event begins at 6:30 pm. 

About their school assembly program, the Washington International school said, "This show is what childhood should be about!!"

With 40 years of touring experience, Timmy Abell is one of the Southeast's most popular family entertainers. His recordings have won the highest national awards including Parents Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold and the ALA Notable, and he was awarded the prestigious NC Arts Council Fellowship for Songwriting. Timmy has performed at The Kennedy Center, The National Theater and in countless schools and concert halls across the country.

Susana Abell is a bilingual puppeteer and singer, a delightful performer who also holds a graduate teaching degree in Education. She has worked in South America, Europe and the New York metro area with sponsorship including Carnegie Hall and The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

This very special event is part of a week-long school and community residency funded in part by the ____________________________.

     "As teaching artists, our work together focuses on sharing with our students the idea that there are many different ways to share a story, in effect, to share their own inner creativity in a way that suits them best." says Susana. "Our family night concerts provide a wonderful opportunity for families and friends to come together, share some great music and stories, even a European style puppet show - and remember that you don't always have to plug something in to have a good time!"

Letters to Parents

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