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      Could Come True

      Could Come True

        Little Red Wagon

        Little Red Wagon

  The Farmer's Market

  The Farmer's Market

             Play All Day

             Play All Day

      I Know An Old Lady

      I Know An Old Lady

  Stories To Grow On

  Stories To Grow On

“...superior children’s music.
— Tom Paxton

Parents' Choice Foundation

Parents Choice


“An irresistible collection of gentle, playful, life-celebrating songs for listeners young and old from folk singer-musician Timmy Abell and a roster of stellar instrumentalists. Abell’s expressive, velvety light baritone, reminiscent of early Pete Seeger, sends his mostly original tunes straight to the heart and the funny bone of listeners."

Los Angeles Times



“With folk-style wit and charm recalling classic Pete Seeger, singer-musician Timmy Abell offers listeners a break from the everyday rushwith tender, funny and celebratory songs that resonate no matter what your age."  

Washington Post



“Old-timey-sounding, banjo-based folk songs that will keep the gears
between your ears turning."

USA Today


"...really, truly absolutely rich and rambunctious, well crafted [children's music] good, you won't want car trips to end."

Time Out New York Kids


“Considering the impressive array of honors that have been bestowed on Abell (Gold Awards from both the Parents' Choice Foundation and the National Parenting Publications Awards, among others) and the quality of his singing and songwriting, it's surprising that this kids' music veteran of 20 years isn't better known. Well, let's see if we can change that: The North Carolina native brings more of a folk music bent to his sound than many of today's performers, at times recalling Burl Ives and Pete Seeger in a way that manages to come off as vintage, but not necessarily old-fashioned. "

Zooglobble  ~  Stephan Shephard


I've heard Abell compared to a younger Pete Seeger and I think that the comparison is a pretty good one. Abell's clear voice and use of the folk tradition are reminiscent of Seeger in his prime. The album is a pleasant retreat from more active, more modern kids' music. Recommended.  (Complete review here)




NAPPA ~  National Association of Parenting Publications

“Lovely inspirational songs that evoke a kinder, gentler time.” 

Midwest Book Review


“Timmy Abell is a seasoned, crowd pleasing performer who has
entertained children from some of the smallest schools of rural America
to the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Now eleven of
his lively, "kid friendly" songs delivered with a true troubadour touch
has been compiled and showcased on a flawlessly recorded CD.”

School Library Journal


“ Abell’s silky baritone does justice to...the beautiful bluegrass, folk, and country-style songs featuring lovely instrumentation with banjo, guitar, hammered dulcimer, concertina, bass, keyboards, fiddle, mandolin, piano, tuba, percussion, washboard, harmonica, and bottle. Abell’s eight original compositions sound like traditional folk tunes."


"The Bottom Line: “This folksy, heart-warming, and playful family recording will both soothe children and elevate their spirits. Charming!” 

Silo Music


"Timmy Abell's music for children has been compared to that of Pete Seeger. He shares with this acclaimed performer of folk music for children such qualities as down-to-earth yet imagination-stretching lyrics, strong values, skilled acoustic musicianship, directness and respect for his young audience."

Chinaberry Book Services




Andy's Front Hall



The Sanford Herald

"Timmy somehow gets inside the mind of a child and knows exactly what appeals. His music has that mild-mannered ambiance so many families adore."                                           "...the next step, when you've finally heard enough Raffi to last several lifetimes."


"It's just thrilling to find a children's recording that can be played again and again while retaining a freshness about it that even adults can enjoy."


"Creating the melodies of childhood memories through a true family values musical sound-bank, this easy-voiced, versatile musician fills his recordings with a dash of toe-tapping spice, offbeat humor and an insightful perspective on things that matter most to young people."