In smaller theaters and schools, 
Silver Trout's program is technically self-sufficient,
requiring only these items:

Two  tables (@6') (one on stage, one off stage for CDs)
A wooden piano bench
(or student's desk)
One electrical outlet

Here is a complete description of  Silver Trout's setup:

Stage set-up:

     Susana and Timmy will require a six-foot table and a wooden piano bench (or student's desk) on the stage. They stand at center stage, forward, facing audience. The table, with small instruments and PA head, is immediately behind them (they will provide tablecloth). To their right is the puppet theater, measuring 4'w x 2'd and to their left are guitar & banjo on stands and the hammered dulcimer on its stand. Wherever possible, green plants on stage would be very nice.

Dimensions: Width of set is @ 15' - 20', depth is @ 10'.

Lighting: General wash, warm gels, focused on center stage, forward.


For smaller theaters (up to 500), Silver Trout's system can stand alone, controlled from the stage.

For larger concert halls or for outdoor settings, the mix can be sent to the House for volume and general EQ control.

In the event that the Presenter will supply all sound reinforcement, Susana and Timmy will require 3 microphones on booms and a wireless headset.

     Susana and Timmy travel with a high quality, wireless PA System which can stand alone or patch directly into one channel of the house system via one balanced XLR line from their mixer.  The mixer has a male XLR output for this. Their system consists of a 7 space rack box containing all of the following components:

1 Samson SR-22 receiver for Shure SM-85 Vocal Mic
1 Samson SR-22 receiver for Susana's headset or EV 757 Instrument Mic
1 Samson SR-22 receiver for Guitar ST-5 transmitter
1 Samson SR-22 receiver for Banjo CT-2 transmitter
Yamaha M406 Professional 6 Channel Mixer
Rane ME 15 Dual 2/3 Oct Graphic Equalizer (The house will bypass this)
(One half of the stereo Rane EQ handles the full mix) (One half handles the Guitar EQ)
Carver PM 2.0T Amplifier (House will bypass) to 2 Bose 802 Speakers
1 Alesis Microverb (patched into mixer)
Two of the six channels handle "C-Ducer" transducers from the hammered dulcimer. (Not wireless)