K - 5 Elementary School Teachers

"This Silver Trout show is what childhood should be about!"

"This was one of the best shows I have had the pleasure to enjoy in this school!"

 "Just the right balance of humor and message!"

"You were GREAT with the children!  The power of your music, puppetry, and artistry reached them deeply."         

"From the wonderful humor of the puppet show to the sustained and deep silence inspired by the penny whistle, we loved the variety of creative experiences."

"One of a kind musical experience! Never seen anything like it!"

"OUTSTANDING! Thank You! It was great enjoying the kids enjoying your program." 

"AWESOME in every way!"


"I was really happy to see people carrying on folk traditions so engagingly. Your program fit all ages!"   
"You are PHENOMENAL!  I found the storytelling especially wonderful.  Such great modeling of the writing process."

"The kids were curious about instruments they had never been exposed to. …captivating and enticing to their imaginations."  

"I really enjoyed the story without words. It made me really concentrate on what was going on."


"Absolutely magnificent! A joy for children and adults alike!"


6 - 8 Middle School Teachers

"What an incredible performance  ~  both cultural and educational!  Our middle school students truly enjoyed every moment of it.  Keep doing what you're doing!"

Naomi Howard, Elizabeth City Middle School

"The young people in our program enjoyed you and your presentation immensely. 
I must admit some skepticism in anyone's ability to entertain this age group (middle schoolers) with simple acoustic instruments and singing, but you were terrific! Your audience was involved and entertained for the full hour. Amazing!"

Peggyanne Diaz, The Mustard Seed, Norwalk, CT


"I have been a librarian for a very long time and this is the best show I have ever seen!  It was the most meaningful soul-touching experience.  I am almost speechless.  Where have you been hiding?"

Angela McCauley, Harnett County Library, Lillington, NC

"What a fantastic show from start to finish!  You are the most professional entertainers.... who can keep children engaged in a very calm, easy way.  That just shows the power of your music!"

Betty Cobb, Youth Services Manager, Johnson City Public Library, TN