Thank you for “lighting” a “spark” in us, that we never knew we had. You are AWESOME!!
— Pamela Little, 4th Grade, Booker T Washington Elementary School


 In addition to countless performances, Susana and Timmy are certified  and highly experienced Teaching Artists who have presented  puppetry and songwriting residencies in more than 40 schools across the Southeast. 

Whether you choose a one day, three day or five day residency, your students will benefit from in-depth arts integration experiences with immediate connections to multiple curriculum goals and standards.


Residencies are eligible for funding from the following organizations:

Thank you for saturating our community with your joy, creativity and spirit. We appreciate your professionalism and your love and concern for children.
— Feather Phillips, Executive Director Pocosin Arts, Columbia, NC

Booking Info and Fees

Trout Du Jour  ~  Arts Day!


This residency brings Susana and Timmy into your school for a full day, beginning with school performances for PreK-2 and 3-5, followed by an in-depth, hands-on workshop for a selected grade level or group of students.  (Students write new verses to an old song while learning three tools of songwriting - then together craft at least one verse and perhaps a chorus for an original song of their own.  They also learn tools of puppet making, ways to create characters from their puppets - then story form, how to create a story around the character.)  The day is completed with an evening family concert, a perfect way to include the entire school community in your cultural arts programming.  Silver Trout will supply  promotional materials (letters, flyers, posters) to make the evening a complete success.


Trout Filet  ~  3 Days


This three-day residency begins with performances for the whole school (back-to-back concerts if necessary), followed by 2 1/2 days of hands-on workshops for selected classes with Susana in puppetry arts and with Timmy in songwriting .  Puppetry core groups create puppets, characters, dialog and stories, culminating in original puppet plays.  Songwriting core groups learn various tools of songwriting and collaborate to create an original song which is finally recorded to a CD and .mp3 for sharing.
The residency culminates with an evening family concert.

Trout Deluxe  ~  5 Days

The Silver Trout 5-day residency offers a truly in-depth arts and learning experience for four core-groups of students.  It includes performances for the whole school, five days of hands-on workshops by both artists and an evening family concert.  An afternoon staff development session on curriculum connections through the arts is optional.  For a complete description of the 5-Day Residency, please open the .pdf below:

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